Keeping Madness Alive

Keeping Madness Alive

Keeping Madness Alive

Welcome to Keeping Madness Alive

It is a great privilege and honour to have you take your valuable time and check out what we do. We are a creative social couple focused on providing high-quality service and solutions that work. 

We have covered tech events, social events, and community events. We are currently on the committee of New Zealand's biggest Social Media Conference #SMCNZ19 which attracts top talent from NZ and overseas.

In addition, we have been part of the social media industry from its inception, and original members of Social Media Club Auckland. #smcakl    

We Believe Business Is Human

We are here for you  any time of day, or day of the week. Right from the outset—we are 100% committed to helping you. We listen and learn about your business and devise specific goal-based growth strategies.

We are genuinely passionate about creating success—yours and ours. And we will do everything to achieve it, using any and every resource we can.

We Don't Discriminate Between Social, Digital, and Mobile

We are platform-agnostic and believe technology is meant to serve us and simplify lives. In this digital world we live in, you don't need to be the first to adapt to new technology; you just need to have what's trending on your radar.

Lastly, we are insanely focused on fun and live by the law: "Social is not something you do. It's who you are." #KMASocial

Ready to Keep the Madness Alive?

We understand commerce begins with an 'e' and relationships begin with a tea. Let's chat over a cuppa. If we end up liking each other, then let’s create success stories, blog, tweet, take selfies, have chocolate, pop bubblies—it’s up to you.

In a world where sanity is an acquired skill, we're the ones keeping the madness alive. Contact us if you are anywhere in Auckland, New Zealand and the surrounding areas and in need digital marketing, social media consulting, copywriting, and more.